Tavern-Style Pizza
Coming Soon!

How ya doing? Jerry here!

I’d like to thank you all for the support and greatly appreciate your patience as I work to officially open Jerry’s Pizza within the Bear Paw Inn. To clear up some confusion, Bear Paw Inn and Jerry’s Pizza are two separate businesses. I will be operating my business inside of the tavern. In regards to opening, I’m hoping to be open within two months and will post all updates to my instagram and website.

Just so you are aware, I’m up every morning at 4:30am running quality and consistency tests to ensure that the flavors and textures are the same for every pizza. I make almost everything from scratch including the dough, sauce, sausage, and Italian beef. I prep all the fresh veggies, too. In addition to the actual product, I’m setting up accounts with distributors and figuring out logistics and operations amongst other new business tasks. Because of this, I will only be able to make a specific number of pizzas each day and will only be open Monday-Thursday to start. Pizzas will be pre-sold for dine-in or pick-up through my website. I truly hope you understand.

I understand this is not ideal, and trust me, I’d like to get everyone a pizza whenever they want. However, I do not come from this industry and am not a trained chef, baker, or pizza maker, so I’m being extremely cautious and allotting time for me to learn and make adjustments as I go. If things continue to go in the direction they have been and people continue to enjoy the pizza, I will look to hire people and expand hours and availability. Who knows, maybe there will be a Jerry’s Tavern in the somewhat near future.

Not to sound like a broken record, but thanks again for all the support and for your continued patience as I work to officially open . Authentic tavern-style pizza is coming to the PNW.

Love, Jerry.